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Looking For The Best Perth Wedding DJ?

Wedding music creates a unique ambiance and this special event can’t proceed without it. It creates a distinct connection between the guests and the event, plus it evokes strong feelings of happiness, bliss, and love. That is why soon-to-be-wed couples determine and plan if they want to hire a wedding DJ or go the DIY route.

Best Perth Wedding DJ?

You’ll find numerous alternatives these days when it comes to the wedding music. One of the most popular ones is hiring a wedding DJ. You really want to make sure that you hire professionals whom you feel comfortable with and whose work you really like. To make sure that you get the best Perth Wedding DJ as well as other vendors for your wedding, don’t forget to conduct super thorough interviews even if these are Perth wedding DJ recommendations. In line with that, here are some questions that you need to ask when looking for a potential wedding DJ.

Written contract – ask all your vendors, including the potential wedding DJ, if they provide a written contract. If not, do not proceed.

The team – ask if you can meet the people who will be working your event before you agree to terms and sign a contract. There are companies that employ different wedding DJs. You’ll definitely want to meet the team who will be working your wedding. Are they fun, respectful, approachable, and accommodating?

Playlist – you should also ask about the playlist. Will they be playing the list of songs that you’ve prepared? This is your special day so you need to have a say on what should and should not be played.  If they have a music collection, find out if they have access to the latest songs or perhaps, oldies music? The point here is to make sure that your wedding DJ will play all of the music that you want during the event.

Music Flow – the wedding DJ must be able to provide a seamless flow of music since that’s what you hired them for in the first place. The equipment that they will be using should be able to handle that. You should also ask what kind of equipment they use. Do the Perth Wedding DJ Prices include the speakers, sound system, In case an equipment malfunctions, do they have back up equipment? You should also inquire about breaks. Do they take breaks during the event?

Song requests and important announcements – Do they take requests during the wedding? Will the wedding DJ also act as an emcee and make important announcements like the cake cutting, first dance, toasts, and the like? If yes, ask if they could show you how they make these announcements. This will give you an idea of how the emcee will sound like during the event. You also have the option to hire an emcee or ask one of your loved ones or closest friends to do this for you.

Perth Wedding DJ Reviews – don’t forget to check the reviews of the potential wedding DJ. Ask for referrals so you can talk to their former clients and inquire about their experience with the wedding DJ that you plan to hire.

Remember, the wedding music can make or break your wedding so finding the best wedding DJ is a must.